Why you should study to be a social media manager

There are a lot of SMM managers who can’t find a job. And even more companies are looking for a specialist who will understand the business, analyze it, set everything up, systematize and launch it.

Why can’t they find each other? Some future managers do not understand what they have to do and how to work. Let’s deal with the profession once and for all.

What does an SMM manager do?

Works with clients’ social networks: fills in content, monitors comments, prepares plans, launches advertising campaigns and contests. In small organizations, he may be asked not only to launch draws, but also to conduct them.

Requirements for a specialist vary depending on the specifics, size and budget of the organization. Everywhere they can demand something of their own from the SMM manager. For some, a specialist simply sets up advertising campaigns, while for others, he monitors the content and checks the work of the sales department. But some areas of work still converge with most clients.

Many start-up companies initially work without such a specialist and consider that promotion in social networks is easy. As a rule, they think that in order to achieve success, they only need to put up advertising for their company around the city and buy Instagram followers several times to increase the audience of the account. However, they soon realize that this is not enough and advertise the search for a new staff member.

What qualities does an SMM manager need?

To become a good specialist, it is desirable to have certain qualities or be ready to develop them in yourself:

Communication skills. Don’t be afraid to interact with customers and ask questions. Know how to deal with negativity or multiply positive comments.

Logic and analytical skills. Make content plans, analyze reports, plan events and events, understand cause and effect relationships.

Diligence. Love the profession, be ready for processing. You can achieve great success if you put effort into work.

Creativity. Create publications, contests, come up with leads to content and be ready for unusual tasks.

How to get the first experience

If you have enrolled in courses to train the profession and the basics of the specialty have become clear to you, then it’s time to work. But how to find clients if there is not a single case and nothing to show?

Free work

You can start promoting your public, a group of friends, or offer your candidacy in a group where performers are looking for. Many novice specialists of various professions work for free, provided that they can show the result to future clients.

Internship in the company

Large companies quite often invite novice specialists for unpaid internships. This is also a great way to test what you are capable of and improve your knowledge on real tasks.

Employment from an education company

Some companies that train SMM specialists help graduates look for their first projects at expensive rates. Others send fresh vacancies to graduates. This is a good help in the first months of work.


SMM is one of the most popular destinations in 2022 worldwide. If you want to make money on social networks, then we recommend that you start studying for this specialty as soon as possible!

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