Which type of Databricks cluster should you use?

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You plan to perform batch processing in Azure Databricks once daily.Which type of Databricks cluster should you use?Example: Scheduled batch workloads (data engineers running ETL jobs)This scenario involves running batch job JARs and notebooks on a regular cadence through the Databricks platform.The suggested best practice is to launch a new cluster for each run of critical jobs. This helps avoid any issues (failures, missing SLA, and so on) due to an existing workload (noisy neighbor) on a shared cluster.Note: Azure Databricks has two types of clusters: interactive and automated. You use interactive clusters to analyze data collaboratively with interactive notebooks. You use automated clusters to run fast and robust automated jobs.References:https://docs.databricks.com/administration-guide/cloud-configurations/aws/cmbp.html#scenario-3-scheduled-batch-workloads-data-engineers-running-etl-jobs



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