Which licensing agreement CANNOT be managed from the VLSC?

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You inform Contoso about license management and the benefits of using the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).Which licensing agreement CANNOT be managed from the VLSC?Not A: Accessing Product Keys by Organization in the VLSC If you purchased an Enterprise Agreement, you can track your product keys by the organization and also sort them in the open Microsoft Excel file in the Organization column.Not B: When a new Open License order is placed, Microsoft captures the details for both the end customer and reseller.Not B, Not D: Registered VLSC users who are owners or resellers of Open License agreements can request a limited set of permissions for Open License agreements only. These permissions includeViewing Open License agreementsDownload licensed softwareAccess product keysViewing a software assurance summaryViewing or managing Microsoft subscriptionsReference: Volume Licensing Service Center User Guide


Which licensing agreement CANNOT be managed from the VLSC?


Enterprise Agreement



Enterprise Subscription Agreement

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The Question – Which licensing agreement CANNOT be managed from the VLSC? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is FPP

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