Which DNS record type should you recommend?

You design an Azure web application. The web application is accessible by default as a standard cloudapp.net URL.You need to recommend a DNS resource record type that will allow you to configure access to the web application by using a custom domain name.Which DNS record type should you recommend?A CNAME record maps a specific domain, such as contoso.com or www.contoso.com, to a canonical domain name. In this case, the canonical domain name is the .cloudapp.net domain name of your Azure hosted application. Once created, the CNAME creates an alias for the .cloudapp.net. The CNAME entry will resolve to the IP address of your cloudapp.net service automatically, so if the IP address of the cloud service changes, you do not have to take any action.Incorrect:Not D:* Since an A record is mapped to a static IP address, it cannot automatically resolve changes to the IP address of your Cloud Service.* An A record maps a domain, such as contoso.com or www.contoso.com, or a wildcard domain such as *.contoso.com, to an IP address. In the case of an Azure Cloud Service, the virtual IP of the service. So the main benefit of an A record over a CNAME record is that you can have one entry that uses a wildcard, such as*.contoso.corn, which would handle requests for multiple sub-domains such as mail.contoso.com, login.contoso.com, or www.contso.com.Reference: Configuring a custom domain name for an Azure cloud servicehttp://azure.microsoft.com/en-qb/documentation/articles/cloud-services-custom-domain-name/


Which DNS record type should you recommend?






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