Which change always requires downtime?

You are planning an upgrade strategy for an existing Azure application. Multiple instances of the application run in Azure. The management team is concerned about application downtime, due to a business service level agreement (SLA).You are evaluating which change in your environment will require downtime.You need to identify the changes to the environment that will force downtime.Which change always requires downtime?If you change the number of endpoints for your service, for example by adding a HTTPS endpoint for your existing Web Role, it will require downtime.Reference: http://blog.toddysm.com/2010/06/re-deploying-your-windows-azure-service-without-incurring-downtime.html


Which change always requires downtime?


Adding an HTTPS endpoint to a web role

Upgrading the hosted service by deploying a new package

Changing the value of a configuration setting

Changing the virtual machine size

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Adding an HTTPS endpoint to a web role

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