What should you recommend?

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You are designing a table to store customer data. The table will contain a column to store the e-mail addresses of the customers.You need to recommend a solution to store the e-mail addresses. The solution must meet the following requirements:• E-mail addresses must contain the @ symbol• E-mail addresses must be validated by using a regular expression• E-mail addresses must contain a top-level domain of .com, .org, or .eduWhat should you recommend?Although T-SQL is extremely powerful for most data processing, it provides little support for text analysis or manipulation. Attempting to perform any sophisticated text analysis using the built-in string functions results in massively large functions and stored procedures that are difficult to debug and maintain. In such situations regular expressions provide a much more efficient and elegant solution.In the current scenario, we should use System.Text.RegularExpressions to create a CLR function and use this function in a CHECK constraint.


What should you recommend?


Create an e-mail profile for the Database Mail SQL Server component.

Use a non-persisted computed column.

Add a custom schema to the database.

Use a CHECK constraint that uses a CLR function

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The Correct Answer for this Question is

Use a CHECK constraint that uses a CLR function


The Question – What should you recommend? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is Use a CHECK constraint that uses a CLR function

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