What should you recommend?

You are developing a Windows Azure application in which a web role and worker role will communicate by using a Windows Azure Queue.You need to recommend an approach for ensuring that the worker role does not attempt to process any message more than three times.What should you recommend?Poison message support Yes Yes To find “poison” messages in Windows Azure Queues, when dequeuing a message the application examines the DequeueCount property of the message. If DequeueCount is above a given threshold, the application moves the message to an application-defined “dead letter” queue.


What should you recommend?


Appropriately handle poison messages.

Decrease the visibility timeout for messages.

Reduce the time-to-live interval for messages in the queue.

Increase the number of worker role instances reading messages from the queue.

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Appropriately handle poison messages.

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