What should you recommend?

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You are designing a Windows Azure application.The application will include services hosted in different geographic locations.The service locations may change.You must minimize the cost of communication between services.You need to recommend an approach for calling the services.What should you recommend?The Windows Azure Service Bus provides a hosted, secure, and widely available infrastructure for widespread communication, large-scale event distribution, naming, and service publishing. The Service Bus provides connectivity options for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and other service endpoints – including REST endpoints — that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach. Endpoints can be located behind network address translation (NAT) boundaries, or bound to frequently-changing, dynamically-assigned IP addresses, or both.The Service Bus provides both “relayed” and “brokered” messaging capabilities. In the relayed messaging pattern, the relay service supports direct one- way messaging, request/response messaging, and peer-to-peer messaging. Brokered messaging provides durable, asynchronous messaging components such as Queues, Topics, and Subscriptions, with features that support publish-subscribe and temporal decoupling: senders and receivers do not have to be online at the same time; the messaging infrastructure reliably stores messages until the receiving party is ready to receive them.


What should you recommend?


Use the Service Management API.

Use Windows Azure Table storage.

Use Windows Azure Queue storage.

Use the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus.

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The Correct Answer for this Question is

Use the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus.


The Question – What should you recommend? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is Use the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus.

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