What should you recommend?

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You are a SharePoint administrator for Adventure Works. You plan to deploy SharePoint Server 2010 to improve internal collaboration for the company. You also plan to use SharePoint Server 2010 as the platform for the company’s public Web site. Network Configuration The company has an internal network and a perimeter network. Technical Requirements Adventure Works has the following technical requirements for the planned SharePoint Server 2010 deployment: The public Web site must be available if a single server fails. E-mail enabled document libraries must not be used on the public Web site. E-mail-enabled document libraries must be used internally for content collaboration. Internal users must be able to search both internal content and public site content from a single Web Part. A denial-of-service attack on the public site must not prevent internal users from collaborating on content. Internal users must be able to search new content on the SharePoint servers within 15 minutes of the content being added to the server, even if a single server fails. Security Requirements Adventure Works has the following security requirements for the planned SharePoint Server 2010 deployment: SharePoint user solutions must not be deployed on the public site. Users who connect to the public site must be denied access to the company’s internal resources. SharePoint solutions used for internal collaboration and SharePoint solutions used for the public site must have separate solution stores. Business Process Adventure Works plans to implement the following business processes for the SharePoint Server 2010 deployment: Only Web administrators will be able to modify content on the public site. All content must be approved by the legal department before it is made available to the public. Internal users will use Microsoft Office Word to create travel catalogs. The catalogs will be available in the internal collaboration environment. Catalogs must be available as Web pages. Managers will use scorecards to help Measure and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). The managers must use the KPIs to calculate business metrics. You need to recommend a strategy to prevent the deployment of SharePoint user solutions on The company’s public Web site. What should you recommend??


What should you recommend?


Disassociate the site from the Access Services service application.

Require that all assemblies in solutions be signeD.

Stop the Sandboxed Code Service.

Disable the Data Retrieval Services.

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Stop the Sandboxed Code Service.


The Question – What should you recommend? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is Stop the Sandboxed Code Service.

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