What should you modify from Central Administration?

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You deploy a server that has Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 installed.Users report that they cannot configure the Alert Me option for SharePoint documents.You need to ensure that users can create alerts.What should you modify from Central Administration?Configure alert settings for a Web applicationTo help users keep track of changes that are made to a Web site, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 includes the alerts feature, which is an e-mail notification service. Users can configure which alerts they want to receive or send to communicate and track changes to items on a Web site.Users can create alerts on the following items in a site:ListsUsers are notified of changes to the list, such as when an item is added, deleted, or changed in a list.List itemsUsers are notified of changes to a particular item in a list.Document librariesUsers are notified of changes to the document library, such as when a document is added, deleted, or changed in a document library or when Web discussions are added, changed, deleted, closed, or started for a document.DocumentsUsers are notified of changes in a particular document such as when a document is changed, added, deleted, or closed.You can use Central Administration to configure alerts. You can turn on or turn off alerts, and you can specify how many alerts users can create.Before alerts can work for any Web site, outgoing e-mail must be enabled for the server.To configure alert settings for a Web application by using Central Administration1. Verify that the user account that is performing this task is a member of the Farm Administrators SharePoint group.2. On the SharePoint Central Administration Web site, click Application Management.3. On the Application Management page, click Manage Web Applications.4. Click the Web application for which you want to configure alerts. The ribbon becomes active.5. On the ribbon, click the General Settings drop-down menu, and then click General Settings.6. On the Web Application General Settings page, in the Alerts section, configure the following settings: Specify whether alerts are On or Off. By default, alerts are On.Specify the Maximum number of alerts that a user can create in a SharePoint Web site. This value can be any integer from 1 through 2,000,000,000, or you can specify that the number of alerts is unlimited. The default value is 500 alerts.7. After you have finished configuring alerts, click OK.Source: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc287751.aspx


What should you modify from Central Administration?


Configure Send To Connections

Information Rights Management

the Outgoing E-Mail Settings

the Workflow Settings

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The Correct Answer for this Question is

the Outgoing E-Mail Settings


The Question – What should you modify from Central Administration? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is the Outgoing E-Mail Settings

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