What should you include in your recommendation?

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Your company uses several Azure HDInsight clusters.The data engineering team reports several errors with some applications using these clusters.You need to recommend a solution to review the health of the clusters.What should you include in your recommendation?Azure Monitor logs integration. Azure Monitor logs enables data generated by multiple resources such as HDInsight clusters, to be collected and aggregated in one place to achieve a unified monitoring experience.As a prerequisite, you will need a Log Analytics Workspace to store the collected data. If you have not already created one, you can follow the instructions for creating a Log Analytics Workspace.You can then easily configure an HDInsight cluster to send many workload-specific metrics to Log Analytics.References: https://azure.microsoft.com/sv-se/blog/monitoring-on-azure-hdinsight-part-2-cluster-health-and-availability/

Azure Automation

Log Analytics

Application Insights

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The Correct Answer for this Question is

Log Analytics


The Question – What should you include in your recommendation? has been answered correctly and answer for the question is Log Analytics

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