What should you include in the solution?

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You are a SharePoint administrator for Litware, Inc. The company has a main office and a branch office. The company has 14,000 employees. You plan to deploy a SharePoint Server 2010 server farm. Employees of the company’s business partners will require access to the SharePoint farm. Network Configurations Litware has the following network configurations:The main office contains multiple servers. Litware has Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager deployed. The main office connects to the branch offices by using a slow WAN link. The branch office contains a file server. The file server contains numerous files that are frequently updated. The network contains an internal network and a perimeter network. The internal network and the perimeter network are separated by a firewall. Search Requirements Files stored on the file server in the branch office must be searchable by using SharePoint. Updated content must be included in search results within four hours of being updated.Monitoring RequirementsLitware must have a centralized monitoring solution. The solution must be able to monitor the server farm for configuration, security, and performance problems. Compliance Requirements Litware has the following compliance requirements for the planned SharePoint Server 2010 deployment: Users must not be able to print confidential documents that are stored in SharePoint sites. Site members must be able to recover all of the content that they have deleted from the SharePoint sites for as many as two years after the deletion.Security RequirementsLitware has the following security requirements for the planned SharePoint Server 2010 deployment: Only required TCP/IP ports must be opened on the firewall. Access to the SharePoint sites via the Internet must use client Certificates authentication. Users on the internal network must use Kerberos authentication to access the SharePoint sites. User authorization management must require the minimum amount of configuration and ongoing maintenance. You need to design an authentication solution to provide users with access to the SharePoint sites from the Internet. What should you include in the solution?


What should you include in the solution?


The Secure Store Service application

The Access Services service application

Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)

Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)


The Question – What should you include in the solution? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)

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