What should you include in the solution?

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You are a SharePoint administrator for Tailspin Toys. The company has a main office. The main office is located in London. The company has 1,000 employees and 1,000 customers.You plan to create a product information Web site by using SharePoint technologies named www.tailspintoys.com. Network Configurations The network contains a perimeter network and an internal network. The internal network and the perimeter network are separated by a firewall. The perimeter network contains two SharePoint Server 2010 servers named Server1 and Server2. The internal network contains two servers named Server3 and Server4 that run Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Server3 hosts a SharePoint content database named SQL_SharePoint. Server4 hosts two non-SharePoint databases named SQL_Toys and SQL_Customers. Database Configurations SQL_Toys contains detailed information about the products that Tailspin Toys sells. Each product is assigned a property named Category that is stored in SQL_Toys. The products are classified in SQL_Toys by Category. SQL_Customers contains the credentials that will be used by the customers. User Access Requirements The Tailspin Toys Web site must meet the following user access requirements: Support anonymous access. Ensure that users can search for products by using SharePoint search. Ensure that users can filter searches based on product category. Provide customers with access to a secure site named https://www.tailspintoys.com/pricing. Provide access to a site named http://www.tailspintoys.com/products that displays detailed product information. Technical Requirements The Tailspin Toys Web site must meet the following technical requirements: Server2 must be used to index content. Server1 must be used for user searches. Content from the SQL_Toys database must be accessible from the SharePoint sites. Search results from http://www.tailspintoys.com/products must display at the top of the page. Security Requirements The Tailspin Toys Web site must meet the following security requirements:Encrypt all access to pricing information. Ensure that the SQL Servers are on the internal network. Ensure that all access to the SQL_Toys database is performed by a SQL Server login that uses SQL Server Authentication. You need to recommend a solution that provides customers with access to the company’s pricing information. What should you include in the solution?


What should you include in the solution?


HTTP over SSL and Windows authentication

HTTP over SSL and Forms-based authentication

HTTP and Windows authentication

HTTP and Forms-based authentication

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

HTTP over SSL and Forms-based authentication


The Question – What should you include in the solution? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is HTTP over SSL and Forms-based authentication

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