What should you include in the solution?

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You are a SharePoint administrator for Wide World Importers. Current Environment The company uses Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V for server virtualization. The company acquires a partner company that has a SharePoint Server 2010 server farm. The farm has 500,000 documents contained in a Web application. The Web application has one site collection. You plan to implement SharePoint Server 2010. Planned Server Configuration As part of the SharePoint Server 2010 solution, you plan to deploy the servers configured as shown in the following table. Server nameServer role(s)Server hardware Server1WebVirtualized Server2WebVirtualized Server3Crawler, queryVirtualized SQL1Microsoft SQL Server failover clusterPhysical SQL2Microsoft SQL Server failover clusterPhysical You plan to deploy all of the SharePoint Server 2010 servers in a single server farm named SharePoint-Farm. You also plan to deploy a hardware load balancer to distribute queries between Server1 and Server2. Technical Requirements Wide World Importers has the following technical requirements for the planned SharePoint Server 2010 deployment: All documents must be migrated from the partner company to SharePoint-Farm. All migrated documents must be read-only. Access to the migrated documents must use Forms-based authentication. Access to all other SharePoint content must use Windows authentication. If a single physical server or a virtual server fails, users must be able to receive search results for all content in the organization. Monitoring Requirements You plan to monitor the following search metrics for SharePoint-Farm: Crawl queue .Query latency .Crawl rate per type You need to recommend a solution to ensure that new content added to the SharePoint sites is included in all search results within 30 minutes of being added. What should you include in the solution?


What should you include in the solution?


Property databases

Index partitions

Crawl databases

Crawl components

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Crawl components


The Question – What should you include in the solution? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is Crawl components

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