What should you include in the recommendations?

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You are a SharePoint administrator for Lucerne Publishing. The company has a main office. The main office is located in London. The company has 200 employees. The company manages content for 600 customers and hosts approximately 50 terabytes of content. You plan to implement SharePoint Server 2010 to host and manage the content. Server Configurations The network contains an Active Directory forest. The network also contains a Microsoft System Center Operations Manager server and a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager server. You have a support contract with your hardware vendor that guarantees the replacement of hardware within 24 hours. Business Requirements Lucerne Publishing has the following business requirements if a single server fails: No more than 144 hours of indexed content must be lost. The Search Service must be recovered within 36 hours. No more than 15 minutes of content must be lost. Content must be recovered within 36 hours. Compliance Requirements Each customer is assigned a unique identification number. Users must be able to find all content related to a customer by using the customer’s identification number. Capacity Planning You have performed capacity planning testing on your Web server. During testing, it was discovered that the crawling process consumed a large amount of resources on the Web server. You must ensure that the crawling process does not impact user access to SharePoint sites. Monitoring Requirements Lucerne Publishing has the following technical requirements for the planned SharePoint Server 2010 deployment: Weekly reports must be run to ensure that the SharePoint Server deployment meets Or exceeds the company’s performance specifications. The reports must contain an aggregated view of all system and application event errors. Development Process You have a single developer who is responsible for developing custom code and Web pages. All custom development work will be tested in a dedicated test environment. After the code is validated, it will be deployed to the production server farm. Security Requirements The security manager must be responsible for generating and distributing all service account passwords. These passwords must be changed every 30 days. User Requirements Users must be able to restore their own deleted documents for as long as one year. Deleted documents must not exceed 20 percent of the site quota. You need to recommend a monitoring solution for the crawl component. What should you include in the recommendations?


What should you include in the recommendations?


System Center Operations Manager

System Center Configuration Manager

PerformancePoint Service application

Performance Monitor

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

System Center Operations Manager


The Question – What should you include in the recommendations? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is System Center Operations Manager

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