What should you include in the recommendation?

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You need to recommend a solution that addresses the backup issue. The solution must minimize the amount of development effort.What should you include in the recommendation?* Backup IssuesCustomers who have large amounts of historical purchase order data report that backup time is unacceptable.* For very large databases (and by that, I mean, at least 500gb, but more like 5-10tb or more), it can become too expensive to regularly run a straight full backup . So, where needed, you can choose to backup smaller pieces of the database by choosing to back up one of the files or file groups that make up a database.Using Filegroups and Files to Store Data


What should you include in the recommendation?


Indexed views


Table partitioning


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The Correct Answer for this Question is



The Question – What should you include in the recommendation? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is Filegroups

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