What should you identify?

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You are a SharePoint administrator for Woodgrove Bank. The company is located in Berlin and has 25,000 employees. Current Environment You plan to use SharePoint Server 2010 to implement an intranet-based collaborative environment for the company. You also plan to use SharePoint Server 2010 to host custom applications. You plan to create a custom SharePoint list that contains all of the company’s customers. Planned Implementation You plan to implement the following three server farms: A server farm named SharePoint-QA that will be used to validate customizations. A server farm named SharePoint-Dev that will be used for the integration testing of custom solutions. A server farm named SharePoint-Prod that will be used as the production environment. After the customizations are validated, they will be deployed on SharePoint-Prod. User Requirements Woodgrove Bank has the following user requirements for the planned SharePoint Server 2010 deployment: Project managers must be able to store e-mail in the SharePoint sites. Project managers require that users use e-mail to submit content from outside the organization to the SharePoint sites. Technical Requirements Woodgrove Bank has the following technical requirements for the planned SharePoint Server 2010 deployment: You must be able to restore SharePoint-Prod from the previous day if it fails. Certain documents must be associated to customers from the customer database. Developers must not be able to manage the server farm configurations of SharePoint-QA and SharePoint-Prod. The company must save all of the documents that are marked as records for 10 years and must save all other documents for five years. Backup and Restore Requirements Woodgrove Bank has the following recovery requirements for SharePoint-Prod: No more than two hours of data must be lost from the customer list. No more than 24 hours of data must be lost from the entire server farm. The amount of time required to perform backups and restores must be minimized. You need to identify what you can deploy between SharePoint-Dev and SharePoint-QA by using content deployment. What should you identify?


What should you identify?


Web parts and workflows

Web parts and event receivers

Libraries and web pages

Libraries and views

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Libraries and web pages


The Question – What should you identify? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is Libraries and web pages

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