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You have a SharePoint Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Web application that has the URL http://portal. contoso.com. You have a site collection that has a top-level site named http://portal.contoso.com. The site collection administrator deletes http:// portal.contoso.com. You need to restore only the http://portal.contoso.com site collection from the last backup of the farm.What should you do first?To do site restores the syntax is almost just as easy. You will need to use the same SharePoint 2010 Management Shell as doing the backup. Restore-SPSite -Identity SiteCollectionURLHere -Path BackupFilePathHere [-DatabaseServer DatabaseServerNameHere] [-DatabaseName ContentDatabaseNameHere] [-HostHeader HostHeaderHere] [-Force] [-GradualDelete] [-Verbose]DatabaseServer – Specify the server for the content databaseDatabaseName – Specify the name of the content databaseHostHeader – URL of the Web application that will hold the host-named site collectionForce – Overwrite the site collection if it existsGradualDelete – Recommended for site collections over 1 Gig in size, existing data is marked as deleted and gradually removed over time by a job rather than all at once to reduce the performance hit of deleting large amounts of datahttp://www.bradleyschacht.com/backup-and-restore-sharepoint-2010-site-collection-with-powershell/


What should you do first?


Restore the hosting Web application to the current Web application location.

Run stsadm.exe and specify the -export option.

Restore the hosting content database to a new location.

Run the restore-spsite cmdlet.

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Run the restore-spsite cmdlet.


The Question – What should you do first? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is Run the restore-spsite cmdlet.

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