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You have two servers that run Windows Server 2008 R2 named Server1 and Server2. Both servers have the Streaming Media Services server role installed.Server2 is a License Clearing House.You publish an audio file on Server1. The audio file is licensed by Server2.You need to ensure that users are allowed to use the audio file for only two days.What should you do first?Windows Media Rights Manager is a digital rights management (DRM) platform that can be used by content providers and retailers to distribute digital media files securely over a network, such as the Internet. The Windows Media Rights Manager SDK helps protect digital media content (such as songs and videos) by packaging Windows Media files in an encrypted file format. A packaged file contains a version of a “protected” file that was encrypted and locked with a “key” after business usage and distribution rules were added to the content header. This packaged file is also bundled with additional information from the content provider and, optionally, from the distributor. The result is a protected Windows Media file that can only be played by a user who has obtained a license.The basic Windows Media Rights Manager process is as follows:Playing the file. To play the file, the user needs a player that supports Windows Media Rights Manager. Support for Windows Media Rights Manager was first added to Windows Media Player for Windows XP. Players that were created using the Windows Media Player ActiveX control version 8 or later also support this DRM platform. With the appropriate version of the Player installed, the customer can then play the file according to the rules or rights that are included in the license. Licenses can have different rights, such as start times and dates, duration, and counted operations. For instance, default rights may allow the user to play the file on a specific computer and copy the file to a portable device.Licenses, however, are not transferable. If a customer sends a protected file to a friend, this friend must acquire a different license to play the file. This per-computer licensing scheme ensures that the protected file can only be played by the computer that has been granted the license key for that file.Source: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc732309.aspx


What should you do first?


On Server1, modify the key ID.

On Server1, modify the license key seed.

On Server2, modify the license.

On Server2, create a new package.

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

On Server2, modify the license.


The Question – What should you do first? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is On Server2, modify the license.

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