What should you do?

Your network contains a single Active Directory domain. The domain contains a laptop named Computer1 I that runs Windows 10A user named User1 uses Computer1. Computer1 connects to two shared printers named Printer1 and Printer2.Printer1 is located at the office and Pnnter2 is located at the home of User1.User1 frequently reports that when attempting to print, the default printer is set to Printer2.You need to ensure that Printer1 is the default printer always.What should you do?


What should you do?


Add Printer 2 to a home group.

Disable Let Windows manage my default printer.

Change the priority of Printer1 to 1.

Change the priority of Printer2 to 1.

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Disable Let Windows manage my default printer.

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