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You deploy a Windows Server 2008 R2 VPN server behind a firewall. Remote users connect to the VPN by using portable computers that run Windows 7.The firewall is configured to allow only secured Web communications. You need to enable remote users to connect as securely as possible. You must achieve this goal without opening any additional ports on the firewall.What should you do?Correct answer(s): BSSTP protocol is based on SSL instead of PPTP or IPSec and uses TCP Port 443 for relaying SSTP traffic.Although it is closely related to SSL, a direct comparison can not be made between SSL and SSTP as SSTP is only a tunneling protocol unlike SSL. Many reasons exist for choosing SSL and not IPSec as the basis for SSTP. IPSec is directed at supporting site- to-site VPN connectivity and thus SSL was a better base for SSTP development, as it supports roaming.


What should you do?


Create an IPsec tunnel.

Create an SSTP VPN connection.

Create a PPTP VPN connection.

Create an L2TP VPN connection.

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Create an SSTP VPN connection.


The Question – What should you do? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is Create an SSTP VPN connection.

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