What should you do?

You administer an Azure environment that includes six Azure Resource Manager (ARM) virtual machines (VMs) that support development. The development team uses Azure SQL databases and Azure Queues for application storage. All Azure resources are grouped within a single subscription and resource group.You need to reduce the recurring monthly Azure costs without degrading server performance. You must minimize the administrative effort involved.What should you do?Table storage is cheaper than SQL Databases.It’s tempting to go with answer A. However, this would degrade server performance (although shutting the servers down when not in use would save money).There is another version of this question that does not include shutting down the servers as an answer option.


What should you do?


Configure an auto-shutdown schedule for each VM by using the Azure Portal.

Update the development environment to use Azure Table storage.

Create an Azure Automation runbook that compresses unused virtual hard disk (VHD) files daily.

Create an Azure PowerShell script that backs up and deprovisions all Azure SQL databases daily.

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Update the development environment to use Azure Table storage.

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