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You manage a web application published to Azure Cloud Services.Your service level agreement (SLA) requires that you are notified in the event of poor performance from customer locations in the US, Asia, and Europe.You need to configure the Azure Management Portal to notify you when the SLA performance targets are not met.What should you do?* An alert rule enables you to monitor an available metric within a supported Azure service. When the value of a specified metric violates the threshold assigned for a rule, the alert rule becomes active and registers an alert. When you create an alert rule, you can select options to send an email notification to the service administrator and co- administrators, or another administrator, when the rule becomes active, and when an alert condition is resolved.* You can configure cloud service alert rules on: Web endpoint status metrics Monitoring metrics from the cloud service host operating system Performance counters collected from the cloud service guest virtual machine.References: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/dn306639.aspx


What should you do?


Create an alert rule to monitor web endpoints.

Create a Notification Hub alert with response time metrics.

Add an endpoint monitor and alert rule to the Notification Hub.

Configure the performance counter on the cloud service.

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The Correct Answer for this Question is

Create an alert rule to monitor web endpoints.

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