What should you create?

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You have a Microsoft SQL Azure database named DBAzurel. DBAzurel contains a table named Orders that stores sales data.Each order has a sales total that can only be discovered by querying multiple tables.You need to ensure that the value of the sales total is returned by executing a query on Orders.What should you create?A table-valued parameter is scoped to the stored procedure, function, or dynamic Transact-SQL text, exactly like other parameters. Similarly, a variable of table type has scope like any other local variable that is created by using a DECLARE statement. You can declare table-valued variables within dynamic Transact-SQL statements and pass these variables as table-valued parameters to stored procedures and functions.Table-valued parameters offer more flexibility and in some cases better performance than temporary tables or other ways to pass a list of parameters.Incorrect:Not A: A scalar function would only be able to use other columns from the same table.


What should you create?


A calculated column that uses a scalar function

A trigger that uses a table-valued function

A calculated column that uses a table-valued function

A trigger that uses a ranking function

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

A calculated column that uses a table-valued function


The Question – What should you create? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is A calculated column that uses a table-valued function

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