What is Marketo Certification?

Marketo is Adobe’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based marketing automation software designed to assist B2C and B2B marketers target qualified leads, generating lead-to-revenue opportunities, businesses automation, and analyzing marketing engagement, projects, and workflows. Since 2013, Marketo has given power users via passing Marketo Certification Exam, the opportunity to obtain Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) status. However, the Adobe Certified Expert – Marketo Engage Business Practitioner Exam is Marketo Certification Exam has developed authentic marketing operations right of passage. Exam difficulty has been increased over the years. So, it became necessary to split certification into two levels like Marketo Certified Associate and Marketo Certified Expert with additional specialization assessments. In this review article, we discussed levels of marketo certification, how to prepare for it and best Marketo training courses in detail.

1.) Level of Certification

Marketo Certified Expert designation is a technical marketing credential that validates expertise, competency, and operational knowledge in the wide usage of Marketo whereas Marketo Certified Associate is a foundational designation that is designed to demonstrate a candidate’s knowledge in general marketing concepts, marketing automation, and email marketing.

Marketo Certified ExpertMarketo Certified Associate
·       Marketing Automation itself is not enough to succeed on this test. This test is actually a scenario based on the actual usage of Marketo products.

·       Before taking MCE, we highly recommend 800-1500 hours of Marketo usage of the product.

·       Practitioners who have worked for over a year in other enterprise marketing automation software and using Marketo for at least six months are qualified to take the test.

·       A combination of business context and conceptual knowledge of employing hands-on experience and marketing automation using Marketo.

·       We recommend introduction knowledge of marketing automation.

·       200 to 400 hours minimum hands-on experience for creating and implementing marketing programs using Marketo.

·       Marketing experience of three to six months.


2.) Exam Preparation

2.1 How to prepare for Marketo Certified Associate Exam?

This exam is highly focused on basic programs of E-mail, questions focus minimum on high-level problem solving and on the foundations of the Marketo Engage platform. You may consider following before you prepare for this exam.

Duration120 minutes
Length60 questions
Passing Score76%
ProctoredYes (online by Kryterion)


Get minimum or maximum hours recommended with the product and have the practical knowledge experience in which you need to develop marketing automation programs. There are numerous resources available once you have gained pre-requisite experience. Moreover, Marketo University’s demand training includes –

  1. Adobe Certified Professional – Marketo Engage Business Practitioner – this exam includes how to prepare to pass the exam by the breakdown of each section of the test as well as basic information.
  2. Marketo Certified Associate Exam Study Guide – provide everything to prepare for the examination you must need to know like additional study topics, core concepts, practice questions, and many more.
  3. Marketo Core Course – instructor-led training course will assist beginners rapidly to pick up the basics of Marketo and prepare for the associate exam. When you feel ready for an exam once you completed your preparation. Here’s a list of topics mention below and the percentage for the MCA exam.
List of Topics Percentage of Exam
Analytics and Reporting5%
Landing Page Basics10%
Form Basics10%
Events and Webinars10%
Audience Targeting and Data Management15%
Marketing Automation Fundamentals20%
Email Marketing Fundamentals30%


2.2 How to prepare for Marketo Certified Expert Exam?

This exam is for experienced marketing operations professionals who want to take their career to next level. Marketo Certified Expert Exam consists of the following –

Duration150 minutes
Length75 questions
Cost$225 per attempt
Passing Score67%
ProctoredYes (online by Kryterion and in-person)

Take your time to prepare for this exam carefully because each retake will cost you several hundred dollars and need to wait for several weeks. Some of the additional resources mentioned below that will help you to prepare.

  • Adobe Certified Expert-Marketo Engage Business Practitioner Exam Guide – provide every material you must need to know about the exam such as exam objectives, general exam information, recommended experience as well as links to sample tests.
  • Adobe Certified Expert-Marketo Engage Business Practitioner Sample Test – certified sample of questions helps in exam preparation.
  • Instructor-led Online Exam Prep Course – three-hour online course that costs $375.
  • Marketo Core Concepts II Online Course – will provide you with hands-on Marketo preparation is applicable directly to pass the exam. Here’s a list of topics mention below and the percentage for the exam.
List of Topics Percentage of Exam
Targeting and Personalization16%
Analytics and Reporting16%
Implementation and Operations18%
Lead Management20%
Program Fundamentals30%


3  Marketo Training Courses

The five best Marketo Training Courses are shown below

  • Udemy – Marketo for Managers.
  • Udemy – Marketo Foundation Training Series by ShowMeLeads.
  • Marketo Engage – Free Marketo Training.
  • Adobe Marketo Engage – Marketo Certified Expert Learning Path.
  • JTF marketing – Marketo Engage training for candidates.

To summarize the above work, we can conclude that Marketo is Adobe’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based marketing automation software and certification is useful for the advancement of job to find out new career opportunities in an existing organization.

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