What are the things to know before opening a Demat account?

The trading of shares and securities has become very fast with the use of advanced technology in the market. Today you all might have seen people talking about the Demat account so commonly. This Demat account is the digital version of dealing in the shares and securities that will make the sale and purchase in the stock market very easy. It is an account that will keep all the records of the transactions done related to this. The whole process of online trading becomes very easy with the online Demat account opening.

Things to know before Demat Accountx

Before the person opens a Demat account, the person needs to look for the things that need to be known before opening it. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Why have a Demat account? First of all the person needs to know about the fact that why he needs to open this account. The popularity of dealing in the stock market has increased a lot in the market. Investors need to have advanced techniques to handle all the operations. With the help of the Demat account, all the strategies of the person can be done in real-time. This will help in getting the person to get on the right decisions regarding the investments.
  • Different types of Demat accounts: The Indian market has three options related to the Demat account. Out of which the most popular one is the regular Demat account that is helpful for the people who are the residents of the country. There is another type of repatriable Demat account that can be linked with the NRE bank account. The last one is the Demat account that is for the foreign residents that want to start their trading in the Indian stock market.
  • The process of application: The whole process of application of the Demat account is done through online sources. Some many platforms and institutions are providing the services of the Demat account opening with them. For this, there is the requirement of important documents like a Pan card, valid photograph, and address proof. Once all the documentations are uploaded online and the form is filled, the Demat account is opened successfully.
  • Choosing a broker: The person needs to choose the best broker that will help him to start his dealing in the shares. Even there are two types of brokers in the Indian market i.e. discount and a full-service broker. So the person needs to go with the broker according to the needs.
  • Choose the right trading platform: Above all, the person needs to choose the best online platform for trading. Choose the platform to help in executing different programs in the best possible way.


Once the person notes all the above things, he can open his Demat account to start trading in the shares. 5paisa is one online trading platform that considers its investors’ money as a precious commodity. Their experts will try their best to get all information to their clients in real-time.

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