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So technology is the answer to all the demands of today’s ever evolving world. Which means that technology is evolving as well. With each new advancement in the recent technology some ancient one gets phased out. For example you remember using encyclopedia or going to libraries to find out answers instead of using your phones to Google everything. But technology has and will continue to change our lives for the better which makes it incredibly important to keep yourself updated about the recent technology trends so that you don’t end up going after a technology that is only a few applications away from becoming mainstream.

Top 10 Technologies to Learn

Number 10

So now let’s get started. So on 10th we have 5G technology that year of 2020 will be taken over by the fastest internet connection that we have seen till now the fifth generation netbooks that is 5G is still under development but it’s going to hit the market in the horizon of 2020 in comparison with 4G LTE that we are currently using 5G is going to be 10 times faster and it will provide faster and more efficient data transmission but significant reduction in latency.

Number 9

Number nine we have voice technology and NLP long gone are the days when the only relation between voice and technology was when we used to make calls using our mobile devices. But now with Google assistant Alexa and city we have witnessed voice technology getting seeped into our daily lives but they have often fallen short of human expectations. But that is going to change in the coming year. Using NLP computers will be able to understand the underlying human tone sarcasm fun and even deeper contextual clues like double meanings.

Number 8

Up next on number eight we have AR and VR. That is augmented reality and virtual reality augmented reality overlays or ads digital elements on a life view often by using your camera on your smartphone. The most common example of you using augmented reality in your real life is when you use Snapchat filters on your live selfies are when you play a game that is Pokemon go on the makeup and the crown appearing on your live selfies or a pokemon appearing front of you on the road that you’re walking on is nothing but augmented reality in action on the other hand if you talk about virtualreality unlike augmented reality we are just completely immersive which means that instead of adding an element on a life view it completely makes you believe that you are in a completely different environment. The most popular example of VR is Sony’s PlayStation VR Facebook Oculus Rift and HTC by now.

Number 7

Next on number seven we have blockchain technology. Blockchain is is a list of records called blogs that are linked together using cryptography. It is used to facilitate transactions of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It acts like a public ledger that records all the transactions and each block of transaction connects to another block forming a chainblock chain we have been a little unapproachable till now but that is going to change by 2020. I.T. professionals are already working on block chain to provide a secure underlying infrastructure to many aspects of our digital life.

Number 6

Now next on number six we have Internet of Things. That is IOT. IoT is the interconnection of computing devices mechanical and digital machines objects animals are people that have been provided by a unique identifier and the ability to send or receive data over a network that do without any human to human. Are human computer interaction goddamn predicts that the IoT market will grow by 5.8 billion by the end of 2020 which clearly indicates that IoT is going to be the talk of market in the next year.

Number 5

on number five. We have RPA That is a robotic process automation RPA is going to revolutionize the way organizations work today. As the name suggests RPA refers to using entities that can mimic human actions to automate stuff such as sending or processing emails from x multiple customers or data migration entry and node by automating repetitive and monotonous tasks using RPA. We can reduce human error. We can save time. We can even reduce operational cost which is something inspired by the entire business landscape and that is how we know that RPA will witness major adoption in the coming years.

Number 4

Now on number four we have devOps. DevOpsis a set of practices and methodologies that are used to automate processes between software development it came is a solution to keep the workflow of software development as smooth as possible. As organizations realize that inculcating devOps means accelerated application delivery dock with other major benefits it’s no wonder that DevOps became and will continue to be a huge hit among organizations.

Number 3

So now next on number three we have big data. But before moving forward let me first makeĀ  it clear that big data is not a technology of any sort but rather a problem in itself. As the name suggests Big Data refers to extremely large amounts of data that can be used to reveal patterns trends insights and associations if analyzed properly. But the problem is that big data is so large and complex that it cannot be analyzed using traditional data processing tools and so big data solutions which is Hadoop was introduced. Big data is getting bigger day by day and that is organizations are always going to be on the lookout for experts who can handle the big data using big data tools.

Number 2

So now on number two we have cloud computing. Cloud computing is yet another technology that has taken the world by storm cloud computing refers to using remote servers for your own personal use. It eliminates the need of setting up stack sand stacks of servers in a data center as the organizations can just go ahead and rent as many servers as they need from a cloud vendor. Plus they only have to pay for as long as they use. Cloud computing also helps in reducing setup costs as well as maintenance cost because all the services offered by cloud vendors are maintained and managed by them. In addition to this there are many other benefits of using cloud computing and due to all of this. Organizations all around the world are moving their infrastructure to cloud. Gardner has even predicted that by 2020, 83 percent of the entire workload of this world is going to be on cloud which clearly indicates that cloud computing is here to stay.

Number 1

I have seen major adoption in various fields. For example travel and navigation data security gaming healthcare and many more Ai can be used in travel and navigation to such as the most efficient drought are the nearest landmarks or even dining options. The most common example of AI in travel and navigation field is Google Maps. It can also be used in gaming to train the computers to play strategic games for example Chess. I.T. professionals have promised the most promising A.I. innovations coming up next year. For example it is expected to see self-driving cars finally making their way on the roadways by 2020. We can also expect to see fully functional robots that are capable of getting smart and complex interactions using ai technology. So guys these are the top 10 technologies that you should definitely look out for and in the year of 2020 but obviously not everyone’s list can be same. So if they have any other technology in mind that you would like to include in the list of top ten technologies then you do let us know in the comment section below. If you have any queries than do let us know in the comments section below and we would love to get back to you at the earliest. Thank you for Reading.

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