How should you design the timer job?

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You are designing an application that will use a timer job that will run each night to send documents to a SharePoint 2010 Records Center site for archiving. The security on the site requires higher privileges than those normally associated with the application. The security requirements for this application specify that:. It must not require customized storage of the user credentials.. The user token used for security access must expire within 24 hours unless specifically refreshed to prevent extended or unintended use over time.. The security mechanism must require a two-way trust to prevent unauthorized activity between domains.. The application must use the SharePoint object model to accomplish this.You need to design the application to support these security requirements.How should you design the timer job?


How should you design the timer job?


To inherit the security role assignments

To log on to the Records Center site with a service account stored in a database

To run with elevated privileges

To run with impersonation

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The Correct Answer for this Question is

To run with impersonation


The Question – How should you design the timer job? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is To run with impersonation

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