Top 10 Digital Payment Providers, 2022

In the coming years, prime advancements in technology, huge alterations in consumer purchasing behavior, modifications in government protocols and guidelines, sharp ecommerce development, and the global proliferation of connected devices have driven considerable fluctuations in digital payments. Fortune Business Insights™ states that the global digital payment market size was USD 3.53 trillion in 2018 and … Read more

EDD in Banking – An Effective Solution for Businesses to Prevent Fraud

Businesses should concentrate on their customers as well as revenue generation in the ever-evolving world.  It implies that verifying the stakeholders is a necessity nowadays. The regulatory bodies have made Customer Due Diligence (CDD) mandatory in order to confirm that clients are reliable and won’t be a threat to businesses.  However, CDD is not an … Read more

7 Lesser-Known Small Business Scholarship Opportunities

Obtaining a level of higher education is incredibly exciting, but can also be very expensive. Small businesses show their support for the next generation’s education by offering scholarship opportunities to dedicated students. Many scholarships go unclaimed, so sharing information about scholarships is always a worthy initiative. Below are a variety of scholarship opportunities that could … Read more